New camera

With winter sort of setting in I am now focusing on getting a new camera to replace the Canon 450D that I had last year and stupidly sold, the 450D I got in its place was nothing like the one I had originally and I hated the new one, I feel like I can’t keep buying the same one hoping to get the same build quality again, so it is gone now. I plan to get the Cannon 100D which has much higher MP rating and smaller body size making it much more suitable for my work, I am hoping that getting a brand new one will help, I am saving for it over the winter and hope to have it before spring.

I am also working on more books, including Rhodotus palmatus (Wrinkled peach) as I somehow missed it out when I re-made the Blurb print books into Kindle eBooks, I am also working on Leotia lubrica (Jelly babies) and several others!

After my LP shunt surgery i feared i had missed out on mushroom season however the mild winter has allowed for continued growth and i have seen many species over the last couple of months that i had not expected to see, such as Jelly babies and Hares ear cup fungus.

Have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!


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