FUNGI book series update

Today I found a new species for me despite my poor vision somehow these little beauties practically popped out at me as I walked past!

They are helping me get back to want to resume making a larger guide book with multiple species as well as the single species books.

I hope to move to North Cornwall next year, this I hope will give me more access to different species of fungi and many more than I see now.

Borrowed camera and plans

I now have loan of a decent camera, however rarely get chance to get out hunting fungi and now it looks like snow is heading in for the long haul over winter.

I have also been working on an adult colouring in book over the past few months which had consumed most of my time but is now nearing publication.

I will very likely be moving to Cornwall next year so hopefully it will open up a new set of hunting grounds for me to find more species and continue with the books.

Finally… I worked out how to use InDesign !!

Now that i have worked out how to very basically use InDesign i am pushing ahead with creating new 10 species books, they will be available alongside the single species books for now and i will continue to try to do both single and 10 species volumes.

Once i have tested my layouts on Kindle previewer i can then publish the first volume, hopefully in the next month or so. I will also continue to update this blog website with the free Guide Vol.000

I am planning a trip to the New Forest later this year in the hope of finding many new species that i will never find where i live now allowing me to create even more books!

New eBook published

I suddenly realised the other day that i had not added one of the original books to Kindle, so here it is one of my all time favorite species Rhodotus palmatus!

This may not be the best edited edition as i am still trying to learn how to use InDesign to make the books look better and want to put all my efforts into remaking the books at some stage.

Spring is not far off, lets hope its a nice mild one with loads of fungi!

New camera

With winter sort of setting in I am now focusing on getting a new camera to replace the Canon 450D that I had last year and stupidly sold, the 450D I got in its place was nothing like the one I had originally and I hated the new one, I feel like I can’t keep buying the same one hoping to get the same build quality again, so it is gone now. I plan to get the Cannon 100D which has much higher MP rating and smaller body size making it much more suitable for my work, I am hoping that getting a brand new one will help, I am saving for it over the winter and hope to have it before spring.

I am also working on more books, including Rhodotus palmatus (Wrinkled peach) as I somehow missed it out when I re-made the Blurb print books into Kindle eBooks, I am also working on Leotia lubrica (Jelly babies) and several others!

After my LP shunt surgery i feared i had missed out on mushroom season however the mild winter has allowed for continued growth and i have seen many species over the last couple of months that i had not expected to see, such as Jelly babies and Hares ear cup fungus.

Have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!